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Getting Started

Welcome to AgTranstions, a free online resource designed to help farmers and ranchers develop a plan to transition their business to the next generation.

Register and Login

To use AgTransitions you first need to register and setup a password to access your transition plan. Click on Register under the Login button of the AgTransitions home page. Once you have registered, you can login to AgTransitions using your email address and your password.




Start a New Transition Plan

Click the Start a New Transition Plan button to create a new plan. You will be asked to enter a name for your plan.

View Plan

Select View Plan to open your transtion plan. The outline on the left is a comprehensive list of the sections you might want to include in your transition plan.. Click the major section heading to open the sub-topics for that section.  You do not need to write something for every section. Feel free to leave sections blank for topics that are not important for your plan.

A sample transition plan in the editing window.

Writing Your Plan

Work Area
For each section of your transition plan write a statement that communicates your intentions or desires as you transition your business to the next generation.

Adding Images
You can insert images by selecting the Image Manager icon.

Adding Tables
You can insert tables by selecting the Table Manager icon.

Tips are suggestions or hints describing what you might include in each section of your transition plan.


Resources are web links to additional assistance or are tools that will help you with a particular section of your plan.


Worksheets can help you assemble your thoughts and ideas prior to writing them into your plan.



AgTransitions allows you to share your transition plan and interact with your advisors, educators, or consultants. Select Reviewers on the AgTransitions homepage and indicate whether you want them to be able to only view your plan or also be able to edit your plan.

The Comments tab in your transition plan lets you read reviewer comments and respond to them. Reviewers can also read and interact with other reviewers.


Email Reviewers
Once you have entered at least one reviewer, an Email Reviewers tab will appear in your transition plan. Email Reviewers lets you send emails to selected reviewers when you want them to take a look at your plan.

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